• Some places cannot be reached by car or train. On the small islands surrounding Sicily, there is no chance of airports either. That’s why we visit them by a RIB motorboat. A whole-day boat trip is one of the best ideas for spending the day.

  • Mostly we go to the islands of Favignana and Levanzo stopping by the beautiful lagoon on the way. Chilling on deck in the sunshine with a chilled wine is the perfect way to spend a windless day.

  • There will be great opportunities for sunbathing, jumping into the water or sipping chilled wine at the lagoon. It is also a perfect place for snorkelling as under the water there is a colourful world of various fish and a coral reef. For this purpose, we provide you with masks and fins, so that you can experience the amazing underwater world.

  • Then we go to Favigniana, the larger of the islands, where we discover a beautiful harbour town. You will have the opportunity to stroll along the beach or sample the local cuisine.

  • Levanzo, our next stop is a tiny island on which, surprisingly, there is a charming little town. It is a popular place for tourists, here you can enjoy seafood prepared in a wide variety of ways.

  • Along the way we always stop at the most interesting places. Admiring the cliffs from a boat is a very interesting experience definitely worth the time.

  • 230€ for 5 people (incl. fuel, booking fee, snorkelling gear)
  • 315€ for 7 people (incl. fuel, booking fee, snorkelling gear)
  • 80€ optionally for wake (incl. extra fuel, board, lifejacket, helmet, rope)
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