• Lessons are always held in the shallow and flat water of the Lo Stagnone. The lagoon is situated between the two popular tourist towns of Trapani and Marsala. It’s just a few kilometres from Trapani airport and an hour’s drive from Palermo airport.

  • The lagoon is separated from the sea by an island. As a result, there are no waves here and the water itself is much warmer than in the sea. We experience both local and thermal winds which gives us a total of up to 300 windy days a year!

  • In addition, our particular spot is located about 300 metres from the largest schools and accommodation facilities. This is a major benefit as there are no crowds on the water – the students are able to freely learn new skills. No more waiting for an exercise area!

  • Our kitesurfing base is in north of the lagoon. This is where we meet you and start the classes. The biggest plus of this place is that it is located about 300 metres from the largest schools and accommodation facilities. This means we have plenty of space on the water and don’t have to stress about the high number of students surrounding us.

  • For advanced riders, an undeniable advantage is that the wind here is not obstructed by the island that separates the lagoon from the sea. Thanks to this, in the directions from whic wind blows the hardest, we always have even conditions allowing high flights.

  • Knee-deep water – you’ll stand on the gound everywhere
  • Perfectly flat surface – no waves or currents
  • 300 windy days a year
  • A variety of accommodation to suit all budgets – from hotels to the possibility of setting up a camper van
  • Cheap flights from all over the europe
  • Bar – yummy panini and cold drinks
  • The loungers – chillout and sunbathing area
  • Kite mats – we take care of the gear!
  • Showers, changing areas, WC
  • Parking for students and campers
  • Gear rental
  • When the wind in Sicily turns to the southwest direction in LoStagnone there are unfavorable conditions for learning. On our lagoon the wind is then jerky and very erratic. It happens very rarely, but this is a great opportunity to visit Puzziteddu!

  • There is a beautiful sandy beach, wind directions are side-on or side shore. Due to the deep water and waves, we do not hold classes there, but every outing on the Puzzi is a great opportunity for a mass of fun for advenced kiters.

  • The spot is about an hour’s drive from LoStagnone.

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